14# The Box Breakout Trading System

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The box occurs when price is 'trapped' inside two parallel support and resistance levels. Make sure both levels were tested at least twice before declaring a box set-up. The psychology behind the pattern is a battle between the bulls and bears. It is a period in which no side of the market is stronger and the market is in equilibrium. Such periods must end eventually – by a breakout to one side, signaling the victory of one of the sides of the market.

We will then 'join' the winners by taking trades in the direction of the breakout. However, it is important to note that we will not trade the breakout of the 'box' itself, but the pullback to the box. As we have mentioned above, the breakout is not reliable enough for us to trade.

This pattern is highly reliable and results in at least 80% hit rate. Master its identification and trading and your trading profits will explode.

This is not another indicator that generates lagging signals – this pattern shows you exactly in which way the market is going to advance and plotsexact stop loss and take profit levels!

Example of  Box Breakout:

Box Breakout
Box Breakout

We enter trades when price breaks the box to one side, and then returns to 'retest' the

level it has broken, thus creating a pullback. If you do not fully understand how pullbacks

are traded we recommend going back to the previous chapters to see how pullback entry

signals are generated.

Examples of trade entry

In the picture below The Box Breakout Trading System in action.

The most important idea in trading the 'Box' is that we don't try to predict which way themarket is going to break.we wait for one of the sides to show its strength in the form of a breakout, and then join it precisely on the reversal zone (via pullback).




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