64# Channel Breakout ATR

Channel Breakout Trading

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Channel Breakout ATR is a trading system based on volatility ad the breakout. This system is based on the indicator of breakout.

Tips: For this strategy is very important find the currency pairs in trend with a good angle.

Time Frame 15 min or higher.

Markets: Stocks, Forex, Commodities and Indicies.

Metatrader Indicator:

Channel Breakout ATR default setting.

New ABHAFX Timing.

ADX optional.

Trading Rules for channel Breakout


Place a pending buy order 2 pips above the green dot.


Place a pending sell order 2 pips below the green dot.

Why, the entry of green dot?

Because it is safer with fewer false receipts.

Exito position

Place intial stop loss on the previous swing high/low or 2 pips above/below the setup bar.

Profit Target ratio 1:1 but for high profitability ratio 0.3:1 example if you stop loss is 30 pips you profit target is 10 pips.

Tips: for managemet position you can use an EA trailing stop.

Happy Trading.

In the pictures Channel Breakout ATR in action.

 Channel Breakout ATR
Channel Breakout ATR
 Channel Breakout ATR
Channel Breakout ATR

Channel Breakout ATR

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Channel Breakout ATR
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