37# Python Fx Strategy

Bollinger Bands Stop Trading

Python Fx s is a trend momentum strategy based on Bollinger Bands stop and TMA centered MACD. This Strategy is for trading on renko and medium renko chart but you can apply also on bar chart from time frame 30 min or higher.

Time Frame 15 min or higher.

Renko box size 5 pips or higher.

Medium renko setting:

Double Mean Renko Builder s

Renko Box Size 10 pips,

Box shift 45, conservative, or 25 aggressive.

Renko time frame 10. Open offline M10 chart.

Metatrader Indicators:

Main Chart

Super Fast MA (YZYZ 1:3).

Bolliger Bands (25, 1).

Sub window:

TMA centered MACD (fast 25, slow 50, length 0,);



Trading Rules Python Fx Strategy


Fast MA YZYZ buy arrow.

Bollinger bands stop blue line.

TMA cemtered MACD aqua line.

UOPTrader MACD aqua bar.



Fast MA YZYZ sell arrow.

Bollinger bands stop red line.

TMA cemtered MACD red line.

UOPTrader MACD red bar.


Exit strategy is discretionary.

In examples my setting is aggressive.

In the pictures Python Fx Strategy in action.

Python Fx Strategy
Python Fx Strategy
Python Fx Strategy
Python Fx Strategy
 Python Fx Strategy
Python Fx Strategy

python fx strategy

Comments: 2
  • #2

    Matthew O'Gorman (Wednesday, 06 June 2018 02:25)

    Not to sure if its just on my platform, but the YZYZ indicator creates arrows every time a new brick is opened ( im using renko), and it is really annoying! Anyone else had this issue or know a fix?

  • #1

    Rakicz (Tuesday, 08 November 2016 09:54)

    It looks good but however the arrow recalculate and the tma macd does as well. See on M1 timeframe or in strategy tester. Otherwise it was good

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