46# Cyborg Scalping Trading System



Currency Ciborg

Ma Cross OC


Long Entry:

When the price is below 20 ema wait the buy arrow and long entry at open next bar (the price must be less than 20 ema).

Short Entry:

When the price is above 20 ema wait the sell arrow and short entry at open next bar (the price must be greater than 20 ema)



When appears the opposite signal.

Stop loss:

for buy on Lower band Cyborg indicator;

for sell on higher band Cyborg indicator.

Target Profit (AUD/USD 8 pips, EUR/USD 10 pips, GBP/USD 14 pips).



In the picture Cyborg Trading System


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Cyborg Scalping system
Cyborg Scalping is scalping system based on Cyborg indicator or Cibogor Channel.
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