3# Volatility Double Channel Breakout Trading System

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Pairs: all.

Time Frame: 15 or higher.



RSI (11) Levels (35, 65)

20 SMA High;

20 SMA Low;

5 SMA High;

5 SMA Low.


Long Entry:

When 5 SMA High >20 SMA High, RSI (11)>65.


Short Entry:

When 5 SMA High <20 SMA High ,RSI (11)<35 .

note:if the bar setup is more than double the previous do not enter.

Exit Position

Stop loss is placed on the lower band of The 5 SMA if position (Buy), on the upper band of 5 SMA if position (Sell).

Exit Position also with aggressive Target Profit is recommended. (to see example)


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