137# Merdekerama Trading System

Submit by Ferdez


TimeFrame: 15min or Higher

Pairs: all.



  TraderWawasan Bands.ex4
TraderWawasan BT2sing.ex4
TraderWawasan HA.ex4
TraderWawasan HADM.ex4
TraderWawasan Indi Rantai.ex4
TraderWawasan MACD 2.ex4
TraderWawasan MACD.ex4
TraderWawasan TE v2.0.ex4
TraderWawasan time-4h-alerter.ex4



 Long Entry

Wait until all indicators show you blue color.


Short Entry

Wait until all indicators show you red color.

Exit position at opposite arrow.



In the pictures Mardekerama forex system in action.

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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Forex Trading System
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