90# Infinity Forex Trading System

I-regression method

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Time frame: 4H, daily.

Pairs: all.

Metatrader Indicators:

Center of Gravity

Candle Average V.3


Long Entry:

Candle regard to the lower boundary of the channel Center of Gravity (solid green bar). 
Indicator Candle Average is below the level of -0.81.


Short Entry:
Candle regard to the upper boundary of 
the channel Center of Gravity (solid red bar). 
Indicator Candle Average is above the level of 0.81. 


Stop Loss:

stop loss at a rate of about 50-100 points, because sometimes the currency pair takes some time to change trends (inertia ).

Profit Target:

closed position after crossing the midline of the channel Center of Gravity (solid blue line), then transferred to stop and final position is closed when you reach the opposite boundary of the channel.

In the pictures Infinity forex system in action.

Infinuty Trading System

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I-regression and Regression trading systems